Praise for Globalizing Ideal Beauty

“An empirically rich and beautifully written study of the complex and often contradictory roles that women and gender played in the history of American advertising.  This should be essential reading for all those interested in understanding in what ways gender, class and race matter to the projection of American commercial culture at home and abroad.”  – Mona Domosh, Joan P. and Edward J. Foley, Jr. Professor, Department of Geography, Dartmouth College

“The brilliance of Sutton’s well-researched book lies in the way she takes a case study approach to how female advertising copywriters contributed to the development of the burgeoning American beauty industry, and to many of the cultural and marketing issues that our industry continues to face today. The chapter on Pond’s, in particular, is highly recommended for its ability to illustrate the knock-on effect of one company’s marketing strategy on changing broader perceptions of femininity, race, and class. This sophisticated analysis really resonates with my graduate students who are marketing professionals in the beauty industry.”   – Leslie Harris, adjunct instructor, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Global General Manager of SkinCeuticals, L’Oréal USA

“Provides a glimpse into the origins of advertising and the key role that women played in creating today’s global standard of feminine beauty . . . A useful volume for marketing as well as women’s studies collections . . . Recommended.”  — CHOICE